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Morin and Madness necessary

NEW WORLD Crisis? The opportunity to start over. Love? Al center of everything. The French sociologist who feels "the way" talks about chaos, happiness and future, proposing as a solution to the eco-sofia

Mismetti Capua Carlotta (Women from the Republic of the Web today)
The world as it is wrong. They do not go the cities, alien and unhealthy. It should not be education, the lack of understanding of others and knowledge of the planet. It should not be the economy, far from our needs and ecology. And human relationships are solitary, without poetry. But our future is not doing better, it is still the sixties and we realized. According to French sociologist Edgar Morin's time to reinvent everything, starting from love. And the crisis is an opportunity perfect to start over. "We need a global transformation," he says. "We believe that the technological and economic development would be the locomotive of democracy and prosperity. But today you have to replace the hegemony of the quantity with quality, and put at the center intangibles like love and happiness." Edgar Morin, 88 years and a career among the most brilliant intellectual of the last century - the director of the CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique), Chairman of the Agency for Cultural Heritage and academic fees in more than 15 universities around the world - has been involved in ethnology, television, cinema, language of cybernetics, systems theory, pedagogy and materials that were disdained by intellectuals of the fifties. So much so that his biography, published this year in France and signed by Emmanuel Lemieux, defines it as early as the undisciplined title. But Morin is now particularly interested in ecology. In his books and in public debate proposed "eco-sofia politics," and calls on the Left (including the PD) to take to transform the world. How can ecological thinking to help the policy? "The policy of energy conservation, for example, is also a political struggle against the poisoning of the consumerist middle classes. You must understand that, and we begin to calculate, including the ecology of human nature. Suffering, happiness, love, in short all that is important in our lives and that seems extra-social, personal, not become part of the GDP of a country. All solutions are quantitative, but when the policy will take into consideration the immense need for love of men? ". In Method wrote that love is the only true religion of the hyper-complex. In his life what he learned love? "The love of human hyper-mammals like us is the ability to be reborn, to start over. As Bob Dylan sang, the one that is not going to be born is to die: there is the ecstasy of meetings to regenerate. And this also applies at the collective level: I was lucky enough to live the liberation of Paris in May 1968, and other moments in the history of ecstasy. Today I think is one of these: it is remarkable that Barack Obama lead the U.S.? The unexpected always surprises us, we must never forget that the unexpected is to move the world. "Instead, what we intoxication?" Simplifying ideas. The clear and distinct thoughts, which reject the darkness, uncertainty and complexity. Those thoughts that they think they own the world but are possessed by the ghost of mad lucidity. "What is a healthy mind?" An ecological thinking is necessary, but can not be healthy if you do not accept their insanity. It is in the dialogue between order and disorder that is the soul of the world. In our case, particularly hyper-psychic hyper-emotional dialogue between the measure and excess, between the party and the Demens sapiens, is inextricably linked. A true horror of the ecological thought must be healthy, because the best of possible worlds is also the worst. "Our society seems to be more solitary solidarity, in the words of Camus. How to rebuild what is broken?" Camus, this is not separated the personal from the political: in the fifties, when this behavior was viewed with suspicion. Now it is true that we have more solitude that solidarity and I have to admit that we have not yet managed to develop a political thought that put together the ideal and the existence of everyday life, love and solidarity. "You say that cities are now places a little human. As Paris has changed her? "This is not the same city where I grew up. New loneliness, new antagonisms, frustrated desires and the arrest of a European perspective: this has made life paralyzing. But I live a much wider world of Paris. The Mediterranean, for example, with musical tastes, smells, pleasure. " The uncertainty now is psychological support from human beings? "We are, as Heidegger said, in the dark end of the night. But we are also beginning to dawn, the second human prehistory globalized. We must not forget that life is fragile, uncertain and at the same time very open: the potential Human are immense, must use them. "For over a century mental illness are seen as social ills. How to manage?" The madness is very much a part of the human condition: it is only the worship of reason, order, which does not consider human. But it is the cult itself to be Demens, because the dark and irrational side of us men is not only destructive or antisocial. Also generates the tenderness, eros, ecstasy, joy and brotherhood. It is very useful to build a dialogue with our unconscious part, without wanting to dominate. "Do you think the left has no ideas how to get justice and happiness?" The left has always cultivated the spirit of change, but today it does so in fragmented forms . It is necessary that the policy See radical uncertainty these days not so much, or not only a threat of disorder and therefore a need for order (the instance of the right) but the birth, some painful, of a new company-the world. "How can we overcome "Our inner barbarism"? "We had so many disasters and tragedies, from the Nazi atomic bomb. What else do we need to understand that we are all lost on this planet? To find out what we can do is love, fraternize, feel in one common destiny? ". What do the enchants yet?" Crying, love, laugh, understand. I am always on the road, and at the same time an old man, an adult, a teenager and a child. Curiosity and passion are "Fact" in my life. An omnivorous curiosity and an endless passion. "

METHOD OF EDGAR Humanist scholar and eclectic, Edgar Morin is known for his interdisciplinary work in which he shot down the barriers between different subjects.'s Going to get to Italy, in a double date: 11 November to Meet The Media Guru (free registration subject to availability), in Milan, where he will speak of "Ethics of complexity", and 13 to 15 November at the conference "The quality of 'inclusive education', in Rimini: Rebuilding will be released on that occasion, the word policy (published by the Centro Studi Erickson, who recently released a compendium of his work by Sergio Manghi). Him Routledge has published six volumes of the method on the complexity and Feltrinelli Think Europe, Life of life, the cinema or the imaginary man. In 1967, Edgar Morin's interest to mass communication is expressed in the journal Communications, founded by Georges Friedmann and Roland Barthes, which is co-director, and is available online, including archives ( / web / revues )


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